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Expenses This Week September 14, 2009

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Genetic Counseling appointment with family member. I was invited along due to family history. After consultation, decided to allow blood draw for possible BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene testing. This is covered by insurance, but we don’t know my coverage amount (100%, 90/10, 80/20 etc.). The cost of the first test [to locate any gene “errors”] is $3200 and only one lab does this test in the country. One health insurance company used to say it was “out of network”, in order to cover less of the procedure, but we were assured that this has changed. The blood has been sent and the lab will contact my insurance company in order to determine the amount paid for the “allowed amount”. If over $375 out-of-pocket, they will call me to see if I want to go forward. Cost of appointment: $20 for the co-pay (office visit) and $4.00 of round trip bus fare for two people.

Plus, $35.00 for the colonoscopy prescription called Movi-Prep. Let’s just say that name is accurate.

Total $59.00


Scheduled colonoscopy. Three CPT codes and one ICD9 code to retrieve from the clinic, before I can get estimates from them and then the insurance company. Possible costs: More than $9,000. Will I have to pay 20% of up to $9000? Scary, especially as I haven”t met my annual out-of-pocket cap of $2000 yet.

Turned out that there wasn’t much to look at and I don’t have to go back for ten years! So only one code needed (and I don’t know which was the expensive code) and it is still an undetermined amount to pay. But if I hadn’t had insurance, they would have asked for a $7000 deposit!

Office visit co-pay $20.00. Discounted patient parking for over 3 hours $8.00


Total for week: $87



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