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Out-of-Pocket Day September 21, 2009

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Today I caught up with the billing department at my local health care provider. I had to pay an outstanding (and by outstanding I do not mean super cool) co-pay from when I got my routine mammogram this summer. (To quote a friend of mine-did you not hear the President-mammograms and colonoscopies should be covered as preventive care!) . I was hoping it was preventative before he was but I was wrong. $20.00 for that one, plus I had to pay the % portion left over from an endometrial biopsy last spring. (Hint on that procedure-ask for drugs. No, really.)

I always wait until the insurance has sorted itself out on these charges.  I don’t really want to pay these bills in full prior to learning what the “adjusted HMO payment” will be. That was $38.15. And the end of the month is still 9 days away!

Total today: $58.15

Month to date: $$248.49

PS How many “routine” mammograms have I had in my life? Let’s see; one a year since the first cancer, plus the years where I had to have one every six months. I’ve probably had more than 30 mammograms. Those of you who have the luxury of waiting until age 40-don’t put them off. If you get started then, you too may live long enough to have more than 30 in your lifetime! By mammogram, I also mean the appointment, not the number of X-rays. Sometimes you get to play in a bonus round. For a fact sheet on breast cancer, visit the National Cancer Institute website.



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