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It’s a “Procedure”-Until the Bill Arrives September 22, 2009

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Then it’s surgery! Well, the colonoscopy paperwork arrived today. Total costs before adjustments: $2809 (no biopsies or polyps-that gets it to almost $9000). After provider adjustments $2243.46. My share $402.19. And I’ve already met my deductible, so if that wasn’t the case, make that $602.19.  I am most grateful that only one CPT code will apply to the surgery, I mean procedure.

I also noticed that the lovely, lovely injectable drug cost $70. My last dose of nitrous oxide at the dentist cost $100 and was not delivered through an IV. I would have thought that IV delivery would be more expensive. Especially for a person like me who needs drugs in order to receive drugs!

I’m not saying that it’s too expensive (how would I know?), or not worth it (this I do know), only that this is getting to be an expensive month for me. And I have insurance in a PPO plan where I receive 80% coverage. I know some plans are now 70/30 splits. Would I have been able to find to find a discount or lower cost provider? In theory, there is a “Colonoscopies R’ Us”, in practice would you want to go there?

Total today $402.19

Month to date:$650.68



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