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Is The Public Option Really Dead? September 29, 2009

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It is up to you. Today, two amendments with the public option failed to make it out of the Senate Finance Committee. You remember the public option, right? As Senator Rockefeller described it, this optional plan would avoid placing profits before the American people. remember, this is a voluntary choice, open to the public. What about the word optional don’t people understand?

Please call your Senators tomorrow-it is not too late.

The public option would provide a public plan as competition for the current plans offered by the insurance companies. It would have the same (or better) benefits at a more affordable price-due in part to lower administrative costs.Why are they afraid of competition? Because this might drive our premium costs down. Right now, if the bill passes with co-ops only, prices will not go down due to the smaller number of people in each plan. With a national plan as a public option, there would be millions of people in the plan, which would be fabulous-lots of healthy people included and the risk from the heavy users will be spread out over a bigger population. This is more complicated that this summary, but let’s face it, as Senator Stabenow just said, “If the current system was actually working, we wouldn’t need change…”

In addition, the insurance companies will currently receive a half trillion dollar subsidy over ten years with Sen. Baucus’ bill, plus millions of new customers. What did they sacrifice to get this? $20 billion, one time. Those are great gambling odds. 25 to 1. I guess all that lobbying money paid off.

To see if your Senator is on the Finance Committee

visit this site or for another perspective,

visit Rock the Vote and watch their video, posted today after the amendments failed to pass.



1. JimmyBean - October 1, 2009

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