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“I Don’t Need Maternity Care” says Sen. John Kyl October 3, 2009

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Here is my vote for health care quote of the week. From Ellen Goodman’s column I learned of Senator Kyl’s dogmatic assertion that he, a male Senator, did not need maternity care in the new health care bill.

“My favorite moment so far in the health-care debate was when Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl argued against mandating maternity benefits as part of a basic insurance coverage. “I don’t need maternity care,” he blurted out. At which point, Michigan’s Debbie Stabenow quipped, “I think your mom probably did.”

For that matter, so did his wife and daughter. But never mind. We had one brief glimpse into the mind of a politician who doesn’t quite see women’s health concerns as equal to his own.”

Read the entire column here.

This is my vote for the “Duh” comment of the week. What a great US Senator! What part of representing all of the people of the fine state of Arizona does he not subscribe to? Guess he doesn’t care that 19.5 % of his state’s residents are uninsured; nor that Arizona has twice the percentage of uninsured children of the US as a whole. Arizona did receive a grant this year for abstinence only sex education in schools from the Obama Administration, according to the Arizona Republic.

To paraphrase Rep. Grayson from Florida; perhaps Senator Kyl’s maternity care plan is “Don’t have sex-or kids”.



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