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To ER or Not to ER? October 6, 2009

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It costs $20 for me to see a doctor during the day.  After hours, it is $100. Yesterday, I ended up doing both. Even as we drove the Emergency Dept, I was trying to calculate whether it was worth it.  My driver said, sensibly, that it was good to rule things out, like whether the headache was a migraine and were the antibiotics working on that suspected staph infection. Luckily the headache did not impress anyone and I was given two extra drugs via IV drip–Vancomycin and a drug in the Cephalosporin class. But there was still a pain in my head.

After 2 hours of the IV and a little drama from her wimpiness (me) while the IV found a home, I was discharged to go home and sleep. That didn’t work so well.

On the mend, but the totals for the month are off to a bad start. My driver is the best!

Daily Total $120 for copays, $6.00 for parking= $126.00



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