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Health Care Quotes of the Week-The True Patriot October 8, 2009

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Last week I began to post a health care quote feature.  The first one was from Senator Kyl of Arizona. Just began to read The True Patriot by Nick Hanauer and Eric Liu c. 2007. ( A little red book, they like to say…) I heard that health care was included so I randomly selected a section called Patriotic Values and Policies- A Ten Principle Plan and began to browse.

  • Principle 5 is Mutual Obligation
  1. From page 76…”This means, for instance, that providing basic health care is an essential responsibility that we have for one another.”… True patriots take care of their own…to ensure that no American is denied the minimum of health care necessary to be a productive citizen.” The authors go on to say that there is a role for the market in the delivery of health care. “But that role is servant, not master.”
  • Principle 7 is Stewardship.
  1. From page 78, “…Our commitment should be to leave our environment in better shape than when we found it, our nation’s fiscal house in better order, our public infrastructure in better repair and our people better educated and healthier.”

I agree. This fits with my view of the role of government. Once again, we must take back the language of our Founders-patriotism is also these things; not just what the gun totin’, flag pin-wearing members of our society would have us believe. What do you think?

Daily expenses: $10.00 co-pay for new antibiotics



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