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Medical Litter October 9, 2009

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I have new piles of clutter in my house. It’s medical litter. After a week with an unexpected cellulitis infection (truly what infection is ever expected). I have very interesting detritus accumulating. First, the pill bottles-4 new ones. Then the multiple page drug disclosure statements. Also the receipts; three co-pays (one more to come today), the pharmacy credit card receipts and the parking garage receipts.

One of the pill bottles was filled with brown and ivory oblong capsules (it said so on the label). That drug has been discarded in favor of a bottle of prettier pills. The new ones are light blue and green oblong capsules. Now, I do know where to dispose of the old ones-our local family owned drugstore chain will take care of them. Don’t throw unused drugs down the toilet! Check on the procedure in your town.

How long to keep the drug disclosure information forms? Do I file them in a notebook; scan them; write down the drug names on a type of weird “life list”.  (ask a birder). I have taught classes in which we discuss how long to keep all types of forms including credit card receipts/bills, real estate documents, old tax forms, old checks and bank statements but we never covered medical forms. Keeping them at all will just feed into my paper hoarding tendencies-I think I will shred them. The pill bottles can get recycled, after I remove my name from the labels (wouldn’t be healthonymous then would I?)

Off to the shredder it is!



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