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The DNA Test Results… October 10, 2009

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Here is the news I received yesterday. To recap, I have waited about 11 years to be tested for the two known gene mutations that go with breast cancer. Why did I wait? Privacy and non-discrimination protection for genetic testing did not exist in 1998.

In an earlier post, I described what I learned about the GINA legislation, passed in May 2008.

The test results are…..drum roll… negative. Meaning that I don’t have those mutations. Whew. While my lifetime risk is still elevated (for ovarian cancer), the BRCA genes have been ruled out for now or until the test changes (it has changed twice in the last 11 years).¬† If I had the mutations, then I would have been asked [again] about considering oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries).

The insurance company has requested the results (which they are legally not entitled to), and the testing lab says they “have my back” on this. So not to worry, right? Nonetheless, I will worry about it a little bit. It is so rare to hear “we have your back” in the context of an insurance conversation.

NIH public domain photo

NIH public domain photo

If you want to make someone in your life feel good, tell them that you have their back!



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