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Expect Better from Finance Committee Vote Today! October 13, 2009

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The Senate Finance committee will vote on the bill called America’s Healthy Future Act today. I expected better from this group. Let’s hope the title doesn’t become a huge oxymoron, as so many of the previous administration’s bill titles were.

The CBO scored it last week, as well as they could at least and pronounced that it was more than budget-neutral, it would save some money-about 10% of the total cost.

Does it matter much what is in the bill now? Only for the short term so that as many Dem’s as possible will vote to pass it out of committee. We don’t even know if Sen. Blanche Lincoln-AR will vote yes with her fellow Democrats. Because even though the Dem’s have a majority on the committee, they have, to quote Jon Stewart,

“gutted health care reform and not gotten a single Republican vote in return”.

What’s in the bill?

  • Abstinence education (proven not to work)
  • States have to keep coverage for children under SCHIP and Medicaid the same until 2019
  • Exchanges and co-ops
  • the half trillion dollar subsidy for insurance companies

What’s not in the bill?

  • an employer mandate to offer health insurance
  • the public option
  • increases in Medicare reimbursements other than physicians’ services

The CBO wrote that co-ops as structured in the bill (actually called the Chairman’s mark),

“seem unlikely to establish  a significant market presence”…

Great, the Committee majority  made the public option “optional” and traded it for co-ops, which probably won’t help us much because the  effect will be…insignificant.

Count noses tomorrow and let’s hope that it squeaks by to live another day; to get mashed up with the HELP Committee (Health, Education, Labor and Pensions) bill and get released onto the Senate floor for some F and A. (Filibustering and Amendments) on either side of the aisle.

I am disappointed.What about you?



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