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“Culture of Medicalization” October 22, 2009

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I just picked up a copy of : Worried Sick A Prescription for Health in an overtreated America, at my local library. It is fascinating so far. Here’s the part that prompted me to pick it up:

Hadler argues that the public is at high risk of what he calls “Type II Medical Malpractice”, or the doing of the unnecessary superbly (as opposed to “Type I Medical Malpractice”, in which necessary treatment is provided unacceptably poorly).

I am looking forward to the chapter on Breast Cancer Prevention: Screening the Evidence”. The chapter called “The Heart of the Matter”, reviews interventional cardiology and cardiovascular surgery procedures, where he labels those procedures the “cash cows of …the American health delivery system.” was startling and makes you want to make a list for the surgeons of what not to do to you.

One reason Hadler wrote the book was to empower patients to be skeptical and ask questions about their care. I don’t know if I will agree with everything, but this seems to be well worth reading in order to improve your ability to advocate for yourself when you assume the role of patient. (often involuntarily)



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