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Best Health Care System in the World? November 7, 2009

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Let’s look at some World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, shall we? The US is ranked 37th in infant mortality and 34th in maternal mortality. Maybe those two groups don’t matter to the folks bragging about our system? One group doesn’t vote and maybe the other one is irrelevant to some. Remember Senator Kyl, who stated that maternity coverage was “unnecessary” as part of health insurance?  (see my post here on that)

We don’t even begin to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) on these two indicators above.

In Nicholas Kristof’s column published this week, he recounts a story worth repeating about faceless decisionmakers-characterized as government bureaucrats on the right and insurance bureaucrats by the left.

One correspondent, Linda, told me how she had been diagnosed earlier this year with abdominal and bladder cancer — leading to battles with her insurance company.“I will never forget standing outside the chemo treatment room knowing that the medication needed to save my life was only a few feet away, but that because I had private insurance it wasn’t available to me,” Linda wrote. “I read a comment from someone saying that they didn’t want a faceless government bureaucrat deciding if they would or would not get treatment. Well, a faceless bureaucrat from my private insurance made the decision that I wouldn’t get treatment and that I wasn’t worth saving.

Freedom from bureaucracy, or the pursuit of happiness without being restricted due to lack of adequate health coverage? Many people cannot change jobs due to their current insurance coverage. That is not e. Others, as I heard eloquently at a recent Toastmasters meeting are stymied in opening a small business due to the cost of health coverage for a business unit of two entrepreneurs.  That is not freedom in America.

What definition of freedom counts here?

What does the rest of the industrialized world do that we don’t? They insure and cover the health of their citizens.

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