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Left Government vs. Right Government November 9, 2009

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>Left and right view of the US


Where Do You Fall

How you feel about the recent US House health care bill (HR 3962) might depend on where you see yourself on this chart?

It appears in a book being released today (Nov. 10th, 2009) in the US. For information on the book click here.

Consider the following beliefs about society from the chart:

Left:  One for all and all for one

Right:  Survival of the fittest

These contrasting beliefs make it impossible to argue with some R’s or   Libertarians (we have several in the family) about health care reform or almost any government role save defense. I remembered this when I read a review of two biographies of the famous “radical individualist”, Ayn Rand, this past weekend. Some of her books were in my childhood home and I did read The Virtue of Selfishness, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged as an impressionable “tween”.  But I grew up. Now I am a passionate, citizen activist, progressive, government-loving liberal so I guess I wasn’t too tainted. The “radical individualists” in my family live and breathe their ideology.

I’m not saying that it is bad to be an ideologue, but it is a lonely place. For my relatives, it has just gotten lonelier, as most of the family email list has gotten fed up. The errant relatives have told us we can’t see the truth and “we ignore it at our peril”. But this quote from Ms. Rand tells me that this is all part of the plan:

The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see.” source

And in the review, at the end of Ms. Rand’s life, because she only believed in herself, and she had the “truth”, she broke with almost everyone close to her. My family members have chosen to do this over our familial differences over health care reform.  As they were part of the inspiration for the blog, I am sorry about this occurrence, but now I understand their position (made of big inscribed stone tablets) better. Unlike Ms. Rand, I do believe in mutual obligation and that citizen’s health can be a public good.

I welcome discussions where we can “peel the onion” and learn why we each believe as we do. It is important to do so in a way that does not malign another’s perspective as a personal, aggressive jab towards their person. Only then can we join together to move issues and agendas forward.

This is what the US House bill passage has done-moved the agenda forward, moved the proverbial ball downfield, closer to the goal line that it has ever been.

  • Is it perfect-No.
  • Is it done-No.
  • Does the bill expect better from our government and ourselves? Yes.
  • Is it better than what exists now?-I think so.

For all of the Congressional R’s ranting about jobs and freedom this past weekend, true economic freedom will come when each one of us can seek meaningful, family wage employment without regard to whether these jobs have health care attached to them and whether we will “qualify” for that health care plan.



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