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60 Votes-Senate Dems Take the First Step November 23, 2009

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At 8pm Eastern over the weekend, the Senate took an important vote to move the health care bill forward. They corralled the two Independents (Sanders-NH and Lieberman-CT) as well. Deals were made, funds were promised and the last male Senator (Nelson) and the last two female Senators (Lincoln, Landrieu) extracted promises or funds for their constituents in exchange for their yes votes.

Nelson got the anti-trust exemption removed, Lincoln got millions in annual abstinence funds restored and Landrieu got millions for New Orleans.

Did any of these Senators that traded their votes on opening a debate think about what was best for the country? Abstinence programs don’t work, New Orleans may need the funds and the anti-trust exemption removal was probably introduced so that it could be traded away. But really, what about the President’s objectives here (and those of many Americans)?

  1. Covering all or as close to all Americans as possible
  2. Bending the curve on the health care delivery system
  3. Changing the fee for service way of thinking
  4. Increasing access to affordable primary care for all Americans (not access to care in the ER for the uninsured) a “public option”
  5. Changing the cost of prescription drugs

Were these last few Senators thinking about mutual obligation and health care as a public good-or were they gussying up the holidays for the home town voters? What about their obligations as Democrats, to the President, but most of all to you and to me?



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