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H1N1 Vaccine -Where is it? November 25, 2009

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I don’t know where or when I can get my swine flu vaccine. I personally know of only two people in my circle that were able to get vaccinated a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t received any notices from any of the health care providers that I use. There are no notices in my home town newspaper such as “Swine Flu Vaccine Availability Today”.

Last week I met someone from the East Coast of the US –with no health insurance who said they would not be getting the vaccine. I mean, they can’t afford to be sick, right?

I can think of at least three reasons to get this vaccine:

  1. Selfish: You can’t afford the time or money to chance being sick
  2. Altruistic: You don’t want others to get sick because you are ill
  3. Health: You believe that vaccines work and this seems like good preventative care. (a no-brainer, right?)

A previous post alluded to the problems with both vaccine production and the fuzzy numbers around how many doses are being produced. I also worry that in the “best health care system in the world” people are drifting away from understanding the science underlying vaccines. And that others say ” I understand how you feel.”

What are the long term public health implications?

To learn more about the first vaccine ever-visit this site about smallpox. It was in the 18th century.



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