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Health Care Quote of the Week December 15, 2009

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[picapp align=”right” wrap=”false” link=”term=senator+gregg&iid=1778679″ src=”4/4/d/c/Senate_Holds_Vote_3809.jpg?adImageId=8315003&imageId=1778679″ width=”380″ height=”264″ /]

Check out the implied halo in the photo!

Scott Simon said this past weekend that his interview with Senator Judd Gregg got a lot of attention in their letters. No kidding. I just read the transcript and I have to say that Scott did not really challenge Senator Gregg at all. some of the comments said it felt like listening to the Fox Network ( I took a pledge not to call it a n__s show).

Listen for yourself here.

Gregg trotted out the same canards:

  • won’t cut the deficit
  • it’s a shell game

Here is the best line of all:

  • it will lead us to hell, I mean single payer.
  • “A public health care system absolutely leads to a deterioration of health care generally for the American public if everybody’s forced into it.”

    Senator Gregg: What do your constituents on Medicare think about that statement? That sounds like something that might have said in the 1960’s, say just prior to Medicare being adopted. Oh, I bet it is part of the playbook!

    No one can say the R’s don’t recycle-arguments that is!

    At the very least, didn’t Senator Gregg listen to the people who demonstrated and cried out “Don’t take away my Medicare”, this August? I think this quote gets the Frequent Flyer Expect Better award for this week (really for last Thursday-it took a while to get the transcript).

    People of New Hampshire-rise up and expect better!



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