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Oops, I Did it Again! December 17, 2009

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Doing the Lieberman shuffle. Two steps forward, three steps back.

Or is it just three steps backwards?

I can’t decide if this post is about Senator Lieberman changing his mind as often as a toddler needs a new toy-or about why the Senate is trusting Senator Lieberman [again]. Paul Krugman says he is doing it out of spite.  The Senator now opposes something he was in favor of  a mere three months ago. What caused this change of heart? Update 12/18/09 In Froma Harrop’s  recent column one paper’s headline gives us a clue-

“Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Insurance Industry”

Remember that oft-quoted line from Presidential candidate Senator Kerry? Kerry said I voted for it, before I voted against it. What is Senator Lieberman doing-is it Copy a Candidate Week?

What will the Senate do? I am weary of the endless adjustments to please someone who clearly has no desire to agree with his Democratic colleagues.

How about a two year old just learning to say no? Senator Patty Murray, dust off those preschool teacher skills and put Joe in the “Time Out” corner until he can behave.

Again, what about the chairmanship?

Senator Reid, we are waiting…



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