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Senator Ben Nelson Changes His Mind December 19, 2009

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What epiphany did Senator Nelson have? On C-SPAN, moments ago, he thanked the administration, the leadership of Senator Reid and appeared to deny a “sweetheart deal”. What’s in it for me he was asked?

What’s in it for the people for Nebraska is what is important, he said. [Nelson]

He said he will vote for cloture and support the current Senate bill-but there is a catch. If there are more than minimal changes in the House and Senate conference report, he reserves the right to vote against cloture after that. That appeared to be a firm statement, not just a threat.

In his press conference, Nelson said that the details agreed to include:

  • the assurance that the states that currently do not include abortion services in either public or private insurance plans can continue to do so;
  • any plan that includes coverage for abortion must require that two transactions occur-one for the abortion coverage and one for other coverage
  • the conscience clause stays in
  • an increase in the adoption credit and making it refundable
  • that this is similar to the Stupak amendment in the House

Nelson said “it is easier to do nothing, than to do something, but that doesn’t make it better”.



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