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Shame on Juan Williams on NPR WeSat March 20, 2010

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We heard the Fox News Juan Williams this morning, filling in for Daniel Schorr. I met Juan Williams briefly at an event commemorating Brown vs. Board of Education.

This Juan was not that Juan.

Maybe Juan and I each live in our own little narrowcasted worlds. He said, the health care bill is “unpopular with the American people” and that “most Americans oppose the package as it stands”. This right after the NPR newscast had just listed more groups that were in favor of the bill-including the AFL-CIO, the AMA and the AARP.

Guess over 50 year olds, physicians and union members don’t count in Juan’s world. Not to mention the Catholic nuns and hospitals that should be mentioned any time a member of the media mentions the bishops. For me, a nun trumps a bishop, but then, I’m not Catholic.

Scott didn’t even challenge Juan’s reiteration of many rumors that got media coverage in the last nine months (a definite pregnancy) but were NOT in fact true.  I will not give them search engine credence by mentioning them here.  NPR continues its’ habit this year of not challenging anyone on the hard questions. Listen to the BBC or Democracy Now sometime-their reporters aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions.

NPR, I expect better from you!



1. Gavin Rochefort - October 27, 2010

When you pay attention to Juan, he proclaims that what he was quoted saying reflects what quite a few typical people in the US espouse. Actually who are these average Americans?

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