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What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You…Will It? October 11, 2010

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In late September, I consulted a sleep doctor. It’s a newer specialty, which evolved out of pulmonology and internal medicine. Newer meaning late 20th century. I have some level of sleep apnea and was  interested [finally] in learning how I sleep. (Someone told me that I was ceasing to breathe, waking up and then breathing again).  Or not sleep. To sleep or not to sleep? Mine is probably more like:

To snore, or to snore some more?

This week, I will learn more about my sleep and the connection to my eating habits, how much I weigh and my age.

The not knowing part, (bet you thought it was the condition, didn’t you?) is that I don’t know how much it cost me to spend the night in the hospital and

  • be observed by a technician (caseload-two patients) for eight hours. I asked if they called my insurance company and trusted that it was
  • pre-authorized.
  • I wonder what the 20% cost-share will be;
  • if I will max out for the year;
  • if it was a 4 figure number; and
  • if it was deemed “medically necessary”.

I will let you know. Please don’t wait nine months, as I did,to investigate this potentially hazardous condition of sleep apnea.



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