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Check New Version of the ACA Site and Beware of False Horror Stories December 4, 2013

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I visited the new version of the ACA website or www.healthcare.gov today. It’s an entirely new experience; I could easily navigate the site plus read general information on the legislation. If someone around your Thanksgiving dinner table told you a horror story like this one below, please check it out.

Yesterday, a “helpful relative” sent me a an email that contained the following “story”. Or rumor. Or misinformation.

“A recent example is that of a young engineer who has type 1 diabetes and makes between $45,000 and $55,000 per year.  He signed up for a “Silver Plan” and found out that he would pay $597 monthly and have a $13,988 deductible.”

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My guess is that “stories” such as this one are flowing around certain email networks. Here are some problems with this scenario: 

  • According to www.healthcare.gov , the maximum out of pocket expense for a family plan is $12,700.  For a single person, the most is $6350. So our fictional engineer above would NOT be suffering expenses of $13,988 under a Silver plan, or any plan.
  • You can no longer be denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition, such as diabetes, under the ACA.
  • Lifetime caps on insurance were eliminated under the ACA. (Another benefit for people with chronic disease.)
  • According to diabetes.org  8.3 % of the US population has this condition. People with diabetes may well be better off under the ACA.
  • I knew two families where one of the wage-earners was trapped in their job, due to a family member having diabetes. Under the old system, those family members were uninsurable with a new company. That is not freedom.

Some news broadcasters and legislators seem to have conveniently forgotten that the ACA  is built on the private insurance system. There is no “Obamacare Card”, as I heard a member of the House ask moments ago; and there certainly were annual premium increases and policy cancellations before 2010. People will get a new insurance card for 2014 from their private insurance company, just as in the past. In a hearing this morning, House members heard a reminder that State Insurance Commissioners do have regulatory authority over annual rate increases.

How soon we forget!


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