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First Tactic-a vote on a postal facility in Ohio March 21, 2010

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This vote ensures a 15 minute voting period and a chance to get members to the floor-a whipping technique, according to C-SPAN.


House one minute speeches cont. March 21, 2010

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Rep. Ted Poe: R-TX: Will we choose tyranny, the European nanny state? No, we will stand for liberty”

The House is in Session….. March 21, 2010

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One Minute Speeches:

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN): “Death of freedom”

Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA): “All Americans deserve a choice” [to make themselves] “…not made by their insurance company or the government…”

Unidentified (R) from SC : “Bad for small business-link to Sept. 11th”?

(D) Rep. from Texas Sheila Jackson Lee: “this is the day to heal the nation”

(R) – PA Timothy Murphy: “We will never give up”, quoted Pres. Lincoln about “binding the nations’ wounds”. Health care reference unintentional?

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D), “immediate benefits for small business-give us the health care we need”

Rep. Louie Gohmert  (R) Texas, something about abortion

Rep. Steven Kagen, (D-WI) “no longer will a child’s illness cause their family to go broke and lose their home”. “paid for and lower deficit”

Where is C-SPAN? January 11, 2010

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You’ve see the clips by now-about President Candidate Obama telling everyone that the health bill negotiations would be conducted live, on C-SPAN. And C-SPAN wrote Senator Harry Reid a letter about that.

Nothing on C-SPAN. Right now they are showing former Rep. Mickey Edwards-I mean really! I guess the negotiations are going on behind closed doors and in closets.

But there is almost no discussion in the other media (radio, print) about the negotiations and I don’t think that is a good thing. The public has been removed from the  issue. Apparently, the President took time away from his People magazine interview to remind us that many good things would go into effect right away. When is right away? First it was August, then October, then before the holiday recess, then before the State of the Union.

I’d like to see the President be a tad more visible on this issue and use his capital on what was one of Candidate Obama’s signature issues to make things happen. Wait, the print media is weighing in. This just posted by the San Jose Mercury News.

Even Governor Schwarzenegger got in a great quip last Wednesday at the Democrat’s expense-or maybe it was just anti-Nebraska. A little statist rivalry? The Governator said about the Cornhusker state Senator Nelson-

He got the corn-we got the husk!

Senator Reid, let C-SPAN show us the corn!

Affordable Health Care for America No Longer “Optional” November 8, 2009

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Yesterday, HR 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act, passed the House of Representatives with a slim 5 vote margin to make history in America. The sweeping bill includes a public option-so the public option government health care plan is no longer “optional”. If you would like to hear the bill read out loud, visit this website HearTheBill.org .

Yours truly was glued to C-SPAN for most of the day. It was fascinating to look at cspan.org last night, and check out the member speeches the choose to post on their site.  I stood amazed (well, sat on my couch actually)

  • at the breadth of stories (both true and false) told on the floor,
  • the mind numbing use of repetitive phrases,
  • the patience of Rep. Dingell and each subsequent presiding member as they politely requested that members “heed the gavel” and that visitors in the galleries ” were guests of the House” and had to adhere to House rules,
  • the utter lack of interest in Rep. Wally Herger’s floor speech (D-CA District 2) from his colleagues seated nearby-presumably from his own party
  • Speaker Pelosi’s floor speech where she reminded her colleagues that HR 3962 would not treat being female as a reason to deny coverage for a “pre-existing condition”.
  • Speeches by Rep. Waxman, Rep. McDermott (WA) , Rep. Miller (CA), Rep. Velasquez, Rep. Slaughter, Rep. Meek
  • The lifelong commitment of Rep. Dingell and his family before him to providing health care for all Americans,
  • The surprising inclusion of the Stupak amendment, the most restrictive amendment since the Hyde Amendment on abortion rights
  • The misused, recurring call of “parliamentary inquiry” to the chair
  • The various descriptions of the weight of the bill and the number of pages (Jon Stewart summarizes it well)

No matter if you approve or disapprove, this day has been a long time coming-since the time of President Roosevelt or even President Truman-no bill has gotten this far. The next few weeks will still be crucial, especially with the “poison pill” of the Stupak amendment now contained within the bill, sort of like an odd political pregnancy.

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