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Better Read Than Dead! Keeping abreast of the new guidelines November 19, 2009

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How many mammograms have I had in my life? At least 26, and most likely between 30-40. I want my mammograms read and to have them be part of our new health insurance plan. The United States Preventative Services Task Force has issued new guidelines for women to follow for breast cancer screening. Their position is that too much screening generates excess anxiety, testing, false positives, and doesn’t save enough lives to warrant screening for women between the ages of 40-49.

If I had followed that advice, given my two cancer diagnoses, I might not be here to write this blog.

At 40, I had survived a cancer with a 2cm tumor (found by self-examination at age 26) and a smaller more aggressive cancer at 39, found by routine screening for a cancer survivor. I did not have any false positives, unnecessary biopsies or guilt. Anxiety, of course.

As Lynne K. Varner wrote in The Seattle Times on November 18-

“Women are not responsible for false-positive readings. The solution is not to take away a woman’s choice to have  a mammogram, but rather to work to reduce the rate of false readings.”

In the New York Times on October 20 of this year,  Dr, Otis Brawley, of the American Cancer Society, was quoted:

“The issue here is, as we look at cancer medicine over the last 35 or 40 years, we have always worked to treat cancer or to find cancer early,” Dr. Brawley said. “And we never sat back and actually thought, ‘Are we treating the cancers that need to be treated? ”



Best Health Care System in the World? November 7, 2009

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Let’s look at some World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, shall we? The US is ranked 37th in infant mortality and 34th in maternal mortality. Maybe those two groups don’t matter to the folks bragging about our system? One group doesn’t vote and maybe the other one is irrelevant to some. Remember Senator Kyl, who stated that maternity coverage was “unnecessary” as part of health insurance?  (see my post here on that)

We don’t even begin to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) on these two indicators above. (more…)

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