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Health Care Quote of the Week-Wall Street and the H1N1 Vaccine November 12, 2009

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“Goldman Sachs, like other responsible employers, has requested vaccine and will supply it only to employees who qualify,” spokesman Ed Canaday said.

Granted, it was only 200 doses,but are they really giving it to the high risk groups who should be first in line? Meanwhile, there are lines forming in various places and ordinary people are waiting hours to receive the H1N1 flu vaccine. My coworker had to take the day off to get the vaccine for herself and her daughter this week. I read of one neighborhood pharmacy where 700 people showed up-some from 35 miles away in another town–to see if they could be vaccinated.

Many people around the world are worried about when they will be able to receive their vaccine.

According to the AP wire, Morgan Stanley also received 1,000 vaccine doses, but turned them over to local hospitals when they learned that they had been “served first”.

My responsible employer is offering on-site flu shots and mammograms, but no swine flu vaccine that I know of. Has your employer requested H1N1 vaccine doses-let me know!

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Flu: US vs. the UK Who wins? October 29, 2009

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Brits 1 US  0.

In this post, I am comparing Flu.gov to the National Pandemic Flu Service websites. You may recall my post on the Flu Friend program provided by the NHS in the U.K.

If you live in America, you can visit Flu.gov and use a “Self-Assessment” tool, which is for “informational purposes only”.  It is not a substitute for your health care provider or your insurance company, that would interfere with the “free market” or some such thing.

Bottom line-you can check your symptoms and then what? It says to:

  • Call your Doctor
  • Go to a walk-in clinic
  • Call 911

But if you visit the UK site called the National Pandemic Flu Service, it is a different story. Their purpose is different:

This service will assess the patient’s symptoms and, if required, provide an authorisation number, which can be used in England to collect antivirals from a local Antiviral Collection Point. (also known as a pharmacy in the patient’s neighborhood)

(It’s good in all of the UK-just localized by England, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland.)

The site lets you know that you will need to know 4 things about the patient. (There is a culture difference-in America it is a self-evaluation with only two questions for the individual. In the UK, they understand that someone else might be caring for you).  I could not go further in the assessment because I could not state that I was in the UK and might have the flu or be caring for someone who might have the flu.

The UK wins hands down-plus for the web-phobic you can call a number staffed by live people and they might also give you that ID code for anti-virals-in other words they do diagnose over the telephone.. One of the anti-virals  is Tamiflu. About $10 per dose- in the US.

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So in the UK, the system is designed for the convenience of the patient, and here, for the convenience of whom?

Flu Animation video from NPR October 28, 2009

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This 3:39 video is a great animated illustration of how a virus gets into our bodies, then replicates very quickly. Unless a big white cell slurps up the virus. Well, that is what they made it sound like in the video!

The narrator is NPR science reporter Robert Krulwich-I think he used to be on TV, but he is another one of those people whose face I don’t know, but I do know his voice.

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