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Rep. Kline said what? March 21, 2010

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I just heard and saw Rep. Kline state that the reason members were in the House was “to provide employers with the tools they need in order to do business.”

Rep. Kline (R-MN)

I think the reason members are in the House is to look out for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. I am surprised that Rep. Kline stated his purpose for public service so baldly, but at least it is now on the table for his constituents to evaluate.


What are these phrases being used [for new House watchers] March 21, 2010

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In 45 second bursts, each side of the aisle is getting their sound bites in for the folks back home. A D says Stalinism, an R says tyranny.  Now they are trading hard luck stories. The D’s talk about people who were denied coverage-even from birth. The R’s are still saying that the “people have said no to the ABC’s of Pelosicare”.

The Minority Leader asserted that Armageddon was at hand this morning.

We already had that, didn’t we-in the fall of 2008?

Another phrase being used this evening is “heed the gavel”, which means just what you think it wouldlisten to the person wielding it! When they say your time is up-it’s up!

“I ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks” means that a member is making a timed statement now and may submit additional remarks after the floor session is over.

“Take down the member’s remarks” was also claimed this afternoon when one member said that the D’s were not taking health care away from veterans, as the R’s were asserting. This has no secretarial meaning, but means in fact that the person reciting this statement has been insulted or they feel that the other member has violated the House rules of decorum. This incident created a few minutes of absolute silence while the clerk reviewed the member’s remarks.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) on C-SPAN March 21, 2010

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Rep. Nunes, as a guest on C-SPAN while votes were being counted…

“Totalitarian” takeover of 1/6 of our economy….this bill will allow taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions….

How is it that the R’s can use the 1/6 of our economy line and no one in the media questions them on how this doesn’t affect whether people have jobs or not?

And why is Rep. Nunes spreading disinformation about the Hyde Amendment not actually being the law of the land? It is the law…[apparently section 10,134 covers this in the actual bill]

Why does Rep. Nunes deserve a government health care plan and the rest of us do not? Talk about entitlement!

And why did he not distance himself from the racist and homophobic comments made to and about House members-his colleagues in the last couple of days?

Protesters Resort to N and R words March 21, 2010

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For some details on these incidents, visit the NPR blog here. Members of Congress have been called epithets in the last two days. At least one House member declined to press charges.

As the NPR blogger wrote,

When anti-overhaul protesters start abusing African American lawmakers with the “n” word or gay lawmakers with the six letter “f” word, then it starts to appear that at least some of the opposition is rooted in something other than philosophical differences over individual mandates.

Talking points from the opposition March 21, 2010

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Heard on C-SPAN just now, “Everything is broken that the government runs”

Retired schoolteacher, “I don’t know what is in the bill”, and I’ve always paid for my own coverage…

Too much propaganda

Get rid of the lawsuits

“If we all have to buy it, we lose our freedom..”

Medicare is failing…

First Tactic-a vote on a postal facility in Ohio March 21, 2010

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This vote ensures a 15 minute voting period and a chance to get members to the floor-a whipping technique, according to C-SPAN.

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