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Massage for Lymphedema November 29, 2009

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[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=health+massage&iid=1134532″ src=”6/0/f/b/Massage_bfe8.jpg?adImageId=7903797&imageId=1134532″ width=”380″ height=”283″ /]

And that method did what?

I could ask my licensed massage therapist to hand me a glass now and then however!

Last week’s expenses: $30 co-pay for massage. Too bad my insurance coverage next year will not take my ICD9 code into consideration for treatment. Monthly totals tomorrow.

Total for Week ending November 27: $30.00


I’d Give My Left_____for Affordable Health Care October 28, 2009

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I thought I would check back with rockthevote to see what they were stressing now in the health care debate. They have plenty of places to comment and make contact with your MC-Member of Congress.  And an interview with a guy named Pete Wentz-guess I’m supposed to know him. Help me out, please!

But I visited the “merch” part of the site (the place that the  Car Talk guys would call their Shameless Commerce page.)  My favorite T-shirt is this one-that states a simple truth, “I’d give my left ______for affordable health care!

Then it occurred to me-I already did!

Quote from Molly Ivins on Cancer October 25, 2009

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[picapp src=”9/6/8/a/2004_Hugh_M_219c.jpg?adImageId=6651595&imageId=1441759″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]

Bonus quote of the week!

I miss Molly Ivins’ humor and speaking truth to power. Here is how she began an essay in Time magazine  (2-18-02 issue) about cancer:

Having breast cancer is massive amounts of no fun. First they mutilate you; then they poison you; then they burn you. I have been on blind dates better than that.

Been there, done that, got the (pink) T-shirt.

Would Molly Ivins be involved in the health care reform debate right now? Yes, and I would love to know what she would have said.

For another appreciation of Molly Ivins by Maya Angelou, read on.

A Hair Story… or Two October 7, 2009

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Sometimes people meet me and say-wow your hair is a cool color-what do you call it? I say pewter. Who is your colorist? Well, she is very exclusive and normally only sees people over 40 (somehow I got in early) And the color treatment cost $12,000!

Back in the day-I was a brunette. But we go gray early in my family, so in my 20’s I began to color my hair. Then I got cancer.  After awhile I gave up the hair coloring because it might cause cancer….Then I got cancer again-I could have kept the brown hair I guess. That’s what my friend said who passed away from lung cancer. “I should never have retired and I should never have stopped smoking.”

With chemo they told me there would be a diet plan and my hair would fall out, then come back in darker and curlier. What’s not to like? Hint: Don’t tell them if you like the diet plan…(Only time in my life that food was an absolute chore). One day it took me an hour to eat a bowl of coleslaw. No protein in that-but it was the only thing that even sounded good that day. An hour on some dark chocolate-that would make more sense. did you know that the advice for chemo patients is to not eat anything that you really like? Because it will always remind you of the treatments is the theory.

First my hair fell out, then I had my head shaved (for control, y’know). then it came back in white. So white that when I met Susan Powter briefly at the local coffee shop-she said, “Wow-great hair!” It looked just like hers. I explained that my coloring was not an elective choice and she gave me a free ticket to her show. That was that. Sadly, her lust for exercise did not wear off on me from that brief exposure. But I have completed 5 consecutive Danskin Triathlons. However, that’s for another post.

My hair did get darker and curlier, but it took a couple of years. Now it is the aforementioned pewter and is very straight.

Being bald does allow for certain affinities; like when you date a guy who is bald, you can say, “I know exactly how you feel!”  when he says his head is cold.

A Speech About the Humorous Side of Cancer: Really? October 1, 2009

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I tackled a tough subject today in a prepared speech. Cancer and humor. I ran out of time before I ran out of stories. Feedback was good and I need to refine the speech and give it again. This validates my feeling that  humor is a valid path to coping with a disease or chronic illness-for me. My Toastmasters group is the best. Great feedback in a safe way given within the hour.

Not everyone chooses the same  path and each person has to find their own toolbox  to keep going. Let me just say that I like to keep abreast of the situation (because that’s all I have!)

If Travel Worked Like Health Care… September 27, 2009

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A quick, funny article simulating the travel industry run like our health care system. I just found this on another blog.  Perhaps your legislators should know about this. Could be a great argument for single payer-or at least more centralization.  Isn’t there an industry standards committee, as there is in mobile phones?

Reminds me of the old article called If Microsoft Made Cars...this link has the one I remember.

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