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Liberals Holding Up Healthcare Bill? March 17, 2010

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President Obama had a success today-he got the vote of Rep. Dennis Kucinich, former Presidential candidate. Rep. Kucinich was for a single payer plan-weren’t we all? If he can change his mind, why can’t some others in the House and in the Senate?

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=rep.+kucinich&iid=8272357″ src=”8/a/f/e/Rep_Dennis_Kucinich_b537.jpg?adImageId=11383432&imageId=8272357″ width=”234″ height=”168″ /]

I was for the public option; not defined in my book as “a government takeover of health care rammed down our throats” (no sexual innuendo there), but the public option-looking much like the current plan that our members of Congress enjoy.

[Every time a member of Congress, or former member of the Cabinet has a health issue (stent, heart attack, etc) I wonder if you or I could get the same care, the same overnight stay, and the same access to specialists.]

But I digress. Could we have predicted that the President would have been pressing the flesh at the last minute with liberals? One would have thought that the conservatives would have been on the guest log at the White House this week.

I also heard that the Stupak language is dead too, on MSNBC in an interview with the Speaker, but NPR keeps bringing it up like it still exists.

Nevertheless, this bill is a step in the right direction, especially in terms of coverage. It deserves our support.

Thank you to the President and Rep. Dennis Kucinich and bring a few of your liberal colleagues along on your coattails!

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