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Liberals Holding Up Healthcare Bill? March 17, 2010

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President Obama had a success today-he got the vote of Rep. Dennis Kucinich, former Presidential candidate. Rep. Kucinich was for a single payer plan-weren’t we all? If he can change his mind, why can’t some others in the House and in the Senate?

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=rep.+kucinich&iid=8272357″ src=”8/a/f/e/Rep_Dennis_Kucinich_b537.jpg?adImageId=11383432&imageId=8272357″ width=”234″ height=”168″ /]

I was for the public option; not defined in my book as “a government takeover of health care rammed down our throats” (no sexual innuendo there), but the public option-looking much like the current plan that our members of Congress enjoy.

[Every time a member of Congress, or former member of the Cabinet has a health issue (stent, heart attack, etc) I wonder if you or I could get the same care, the same overnight stay, and the same access to specialists.]

But I digress. Could we have predicted that the President would have been pressing the flesh at the last minute with liberals? One would have thought that the conservatives would have been on the guest log at the White House this week.

I also heard that the Stupak language is dead too, on MSNBC in an interview with the Speaker, but NPR keeps bringing it up like it still exists.

Nevertheless, this bill is a step in the right direction, especially in terms of coverage. It deserves our support.

Thank you to the President and Rep. Dennis Kucinich and bring a few of your liberal colleagues along on your coattails!


Affordable Health Care for America No Longer “Optional” November 8, 2009

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Yesterday, HR 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act, passed the House of Representatives with a slim 5 vote margin to make history in America. The sweeping bill includes a public option-so the public option government health care plan is no longer “optional”. If you would like to hear the bill read out loud, visit this website HearTheBill.org .

Yours truly was glued to C-SPAN for most of the day. It was fascinating to look at cspan.org last night, and check out the member speeches the choose to post on their site.  I stood amazed (well, sat on my couch actually)

  • at the breadth of stories (both true and false) told on the floor,
  • the mind numbing use of repetitive phrases,
  • the patience of Rep. Dingell and each subsequent presiding member as they politely requested that members “heed the gavel” and that visitors in the galleries ” were guests of the House” and had to adhere to House rules,
  • the utter lack of interest in Rep. Wally Herger’s floor speech (D-CA District 2) from his colleagues seated nearby-presumably from his own party
  • Speaker Pelosi’s floor speech where she reminded her colleagues that HR 3962 would not treat being female as a reason to deny coverage for a “pre-existing condition”.
  • Speeches by Rep. Waxman, Rep. McDermott (WA) , Rep. Miller (CA), Rep. Velasquez, Rep. Slaughter, Rep. Meek
  • The lifelong commitment of Rep. Dingell and his family before him to providing health care for all Americans,
  • The surprising inclusion of the Stupak amendment, the most restrictive amendment since the Hyde Amendment on abortion rights
  • The misused, recurring call of “parliamentary inquiry” to the chair
  • The various descriptions of the weight of the bill and the number of pages (Jon Stewart summarizes it well)

No matter if you approve or disapprove, this day has been a long time coming-since the time of President Roosevelt or even President Truman-no bill has gotten this far. The next few weeks will still be crucial, especially with the “poison pill” of the Stupak amendment now contained within the bill, sort of like an odd political pregnancy.

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