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Risk: Relative vs. Absolute November 22, 2009

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What is the risk of getting cancer? There are two types of risk, absolute and relative.

If you are over 35, try out the breast cancer risk assessment tool at cancer.gov. There are also tools for colorectal cancer and melanoma.

Also from cancer.gov:

Absolute risk is the number of people who will get the disease within a certain time period. Absolute risk gives an actual number of people with that risk factor who will get the condition. You also may see this expressed as, for example, “10 out of 100 people.”

Relative risk compares the chance that a person with a certain risk factor will get cancer to the chance that a person without the same risk factor will get cancer. When you hear that someone is at “high” risk or “low” risk of getting cancer, it is referring to that person’s relative risk.

Relative risk is usually shown as a percent or ratio. The ratio is based around the value of 1. A value above 1 means a higher risk; a value below 1 means a lower risk.

There are different kinds of risk factors, they include genetic (I have a second degree relative with a cancer history-2 generations away), environmental (secondhand smoke exposure and sun), biological (gender, age, race, skin complexion), or behavioral (what I eat and drink, how much exercise I get).

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I had no risk factors. No first degree relatives, (in fact I didn’t know that I had any relatives with cancer until I was asked the family history question for the first time), no second-hand smoke exposure-unless you count flying in the 70’s) , didn’t come from an ethnic group at higher risk etc. Regular readers will recall that I do not have the BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 mutations either. Cancer was a (more…)


Coming Soon: “Better Read Than Dead” November 17, 2009

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Frequent Flyer keeps you abreast of the latest advice for women.

I’d Give My Left_____for Affordable Health Care October 28, 2009

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I thought I would check back with rockthevote to see what they were stressing now in the health care debate. They have plenty of places to comment and make contact with your MC-Member of Congress.  And an interview with a guy named Pete Wentz-guess I’m supposed to know him. Help me out, please!

But I visited the “merch” part of the site (the place that the  Car Talk guys would call their Shameless Commerce page.)  My favorite T-shirt is this one-that states a simple truth, “I’d give my left ______for affordable health care!

Then it occurred to me-I already did!

A Speech About the Humorous Side of Cancer: Really? October 1, 2009

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I tackled a tough subject today in a prepared speech. Cancer and humor. I ran out of time before I ran out of stories. Feedback was good and I need to refine the speech and give it again. This validates my feeling that  humor is a valid path to coping with a disease or chronic illness-for me. My Toastmasters group is the best. Great feedback in a safe way given within the hour.

Not everyone chooses the same  path and each person has to find their own toolbox  to keep going. Let me just say that I like to keep abreast of the situation (because that’s all I have!)

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