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Protesters Resort to N and R words March 21, 2010

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For some details on these incidents, visit the NPR blog here. Members of Congress have been called epithets in the last two days. At least one House member declined to press charges.

As the NPR blogger wrote,

When anti-overhaul protesters start abusing African American lawmakers with the “n” word or gay lawmakers with the six letter “f” word, then it starts to appear that at least some of the opposition is rooted in something other than philosophical differences over individual mandates.


Shame on Juan Williams on NPR WeSat March 20, 2010

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We heard the Fox News Juan Williams this morning, filling in for Daniel Schorr. I met Juan Williams briefly at an event commemorating Brown vs. Board of Education.

This Juan was not that Juan.

Maybe Juan and I each live in our own little narrowcasted worlds. He said, the health care bill is “unpopular with the American people” and that “most Americans oppose the package as it stands”. This right after the NPR newscast had just listed more groups that were in favor of the bill-including the AFL-CIO, the AMA and the AARP.

Guess over 50 year olds, physicians and union members don’t count in Juan’s world. Not to mention the Catholic nuns and hospitals that should be mentioned any time a member of the media mentions the bishops. For me, a nun trumps a bishop, but then, I’m not Catholic.

Scott didn’t even challenge Juan’s reiteration of many rumors that got media coverage in the last nine months (a definite pregnancy) but were NOT in fact true.  I will not give them search engine credence by mentioning them here.  NPR continues its’ habit this year of not challenging anyone on the hard questions. Listen to the BBC or Democracy Now sometime-their reporters aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions.

NPR, I expect better from you!

Health Care Quote of the Week December 15, 2009

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[picapp align=”right” wrap=”false” link=”term=senator+gregg&iid=1778679″ src=”4/4/d/c/Senate_Holds_Vote_3809.jpg?adImageId=8315003&imageId=1778679″ width=”380″ height=”264″ /]

Check out the implied halo in the photo!

Scott Simon said this past weekend that his interview with Senator Judd Gregg got a lot of attention in their letters. No kidding. I just read the transcript and I have to say that Scott did not really challenge Senator Gregg at all. some of the comments said it felt like listening to the Fox Network ( I took a pledge not to call it a n__s show).

Listen for yourself here.

Gregg trotted out the same canards:

  • won’t cut the deficit
  • it’s a shell game

Here is the best line of all:

  • it will lead us to hell, I mean single payer.
  • “A public health care system absolutely leads to a deterioration of health care generally for the American public if everybody’s forced into it.”

    Senator Gregg: What do your constituents on Medicare think about that statement? That sounds like something that might have said in the 1960’s, say just prior to Medicare being adopted. Oh, I bet it is part of the playbook!

    No one can say the R’s don’t recycle-arguments that is!

    At the very least, didn’t Senator Gregg listen to the people who demonstrated and cried out “Don’t take away my Medicare”, this August? I think this quote gets the Frequent Flyer Expect Better award for this week (really for last Thursday-it took a while to get the transcript).

    People of New Hampshire-rise up and expect better!

    Colonoscopies ‘R Us Update 2009 and 2013 October 8, 2009

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    2009: The reckoning has come in the mail. The colonoscopy will only be $267.30! I guess you have to amortize it over the ten years of not having to go back.

    Only $26.73 per year or  just pennies per day…… Can you tell I’ve listened to a public radio pledge drive?

    To learn more about colon cancer, visit the STOP colon cancer site.

    2013: Are my friends who have refused to have colonoscopies wrong? At least in 2013, we know that alternatives are being investigated. As a cancer survivor, I find the idea of a ten-year pass very appealing. However, you must still pay attention to things like diet, exercise and  your family medical history.

    I may have mentioned this in another post, but I did not learn about my family cancer history, until being diagnosed with it myself in my 20’s (the immortal decade).

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